Health Optimization

Muscle Mobilization

Relax. Lengthen. Recover.
Whether you are an avid biker, love to work out in the gym or are someone in need of routine maintenance, we are here for your recovery needs. Our goal is to make you feel better as quickly as possible.

Our Recovery Services

Muscle & Joint Mobilization



Soft Tissue Scraping

Percussion Massage

Meet Our Trainer

Mark Shermansky, a well-known professional in the Athletic Training Industry, has brought his skill set to the Invigory to help our clients resolve their recovery needs.


  • 30 years Nationally Certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association
  • 18 years Licensed by the State of North Carolina
  • 21 years as an NFL Athletic Trainer
  • 18 Years Athletic Trainer for the Carolina Panthers
  • NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year
  • NFL Hall of Fame
  • NFC Assistant Athletic Trainer of the Year 2018
  • 3 years Athletic Trainer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Other Treatments

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