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Light Therapy

Whole Body Photobiomodulation

Got Aches & Pain?

Try Photobiomodulation!

Photobiomodulation exhibits an analgesic effect on nerve fibers without negative side effects often associated with pharmaceutical solutions. In fact researchers are suggesting that Light, delivered in the right intensities and wavelengths, may be able to replace Opioids as a natural, non invasive way to fight acute and chronic pain.

Photobiomodulation describes how different wavelengths of light at different intensities and pulse rates can affect or modulate the body’s biological function. Our new ATP system is the same system used in the NFL, MMA, Premier Soccer and every branch of the military. Considered the most powerful machine available without being overpowered, ATP has helped patients reduce pain in as little as 5 minutes (though we recommend 3 – 5 sessions).

Over 4000 clinical trials have shown that PBMt:


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