Health Optimization

Cryo Body Contouring

Combining low temperature CO2 with targeted flow and high pressure, the Kaasen helps achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Why Cyro Contouring?

Also known as cryo body sculpting, this form of cryolipolysis cools the surface of the skin to 39° F in under 30 seconds, starting the process of fat cell destruction, or apoptosis, without damaging underlying body tissue.  The fat cells are permanently destroyed and cleared by the lymphatic system.  Each body section is treated twice and lymphatic movement is stimulated using either our infrared sauna or compression equipment.  The effects can continue for up to 6 months as the body removes shrunken, destroyed fat cells.


Well-tolerated with no downtime

Noninvasive targeted treatment

Permanent reduction of fat

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