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Offers & Pricing

Explore our packages and rates that will help you make self-care an essential part of your routine.

Single Session Treatment
(Whole body cryotherapy, spot cryotherapy, salt room, infrared sauna, PBM/advanced light therapy OR compression therapy)


5 Session Pack
Any combination of treatments listed above


10 Session Pack
Any combination of treatments listed above


Freeze and Squeeze
(45 min Compression & Whole Body or Spot Cryotherapy)


Cryo Facial


Cryo Facial 5 Pack


Adult Pricing

We believe in making health and wellness a priority; our rates allow you to invest in yourself today.

Signature Blends
Age Defense
Detox Flush
Metabolism Booster
Migraine Relief
(Membership pricing $189)


Replenish 1000mL of fluids
Customizable add-ins available


Injectable Treatments
(Single Dose Intramuscular Injection)
Vitamin D
And more!


IV Hydration Pricing

From our 6 signature blends to our customizable options, we have the perfect treatment to meet your needs.

Front of Leg/Inner thighs
Back of Legs/Outer Thighs

$375 for 5 treatments


$300 for 5 treatments


$250 for 5 treatments

Cryo Contouring Pricing

Designed to help you achieve your goals.

Single Session Treatment
(Whole Body Cryotherapy, Spot Cryotherapy, Halotherapy or 30 min Compression)


Squeeze & Freeze
(30 min Compression & Whole Body or Spot Cryotherapy)


Minor uNder 18 Pricing

We believe wellness routines should start at a young age, that’s why we offer discounted rates for minor’s under 18 years old.

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